Tsofen prides itself on connecting prospective Arab employees with the jobs they deserve in the hi-tech sector. Our placement department is highly networked with the Human Resource departments of leading hi-tech companies, helping provide a valuable network for young Arab job candidates. Arab students often come into university with little exposure to hi-tech, they frequently lack a nuanced understanding of the industry and of specific jobs within the field; as a result, the department evaluates candidates in a holistic manner, looking at where they have studied, their work experience, personality, and interests (among other traits) in order to match candidates with the right companies and positions to match their qualifications and profile. Tsofen’s placement team also works one-on-one with candidates to help them draft their resumes and prepare for job interviews.


Tsofen helped me  integrate into the industry and was there for me throughout the entire process.
From helping me draft a professional resume to job-interview preparation, they didn’t give up until  the challenge was overcome.
Tsofen gave me the opportunity to learn, grow and so much more.
Thank you Tsofen from the bottom of my heart.
Ihsan Zoabi, Electrical and Electronics Engineer