Mr. Saadi is an independent CPA for companies and NGOs. Mr. Saadi was a founder of the Jewish-Arab Technological Village in the Galilee, an NGO that promoted equal employment opportunities for Israeli Arabs. He is active in several social and cultural NGOs promoting coexistence, including “Shchenim” (Neighbors). Mr. Saadi earned his MA and diploma as Certified Public Accountant from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.



Ms. Duek holds a BSc from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology, an MBA from Bar Ilan University, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Gender Studies at Bar Ilan University. She has over 20 years of work experience in high-tech companies. She began her management career in companies that developed computer-based learning platforms in the fields of technology, science and languages and is experienced with implementing new curriculum into the Israeli educational market. Ms.Revital is an IVLP Alumni and a Mandel Institute Alumni. She works to engage unrepresented populations in STEM fields and promote the right to equal opportunities in STEM education as a national interest.

Director of Human Capital Development

Ms. Ibrahim was chosen in 2018 as One of 21 Women Who Change The Face of Hi-Tech in Israel by The Marker Magazine. She manages all Tsofen programs under the trainings-mentoring-placement pipeline. Until 2018 she was Head of Placements at Tsofen and prior to joining Tsofen, she was a project manager at Ma’antech. Ms. Ibrahim holds an LLB from Tel Aviv University.

 Director of Resources Development

Ms. Nagar has 15 years of experience working in civil society in Israel and the US. Prior to joining Tsofen, she was a resource development consultant at Minuf Group, supporting a range of social change organizations dedicated to socio-economic development, human rights, and shared society for Jews and Arabs in Israel. Ms. Nagar holds a BA in Jewish Thought and Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an MSc in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics, and completed PhD studies (ABD) in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Director of Government Tender, Employer Relations and HR

Ms. Zamir is Head of Government, Tender, Employer Relations & HR at Tsofen, and was previously Head of Trainings and Mentoring in the Organization.
Prior to joining Tsofen, Ms. Zamir directed the human resource department at Spiral Solutions for nine years. She is volunteers for several social causes, and co-Chairs the Michigan-Central Galilee P2G Steering Committee. Ms. Zamir holds an M.A. in HR management and a B.A. in Social Science.

Director of Business Development

Mr. Shakur is an entrepreneur, innovation strategist, business catalyst and one of the key figures in the Israeli hi-tech scene, spearheading initiatives of economic development, innovation and impact, all of which aiming to interconnect the Israeli ecosystem with the Arab society and to promote diversity and inclusion. Hans is the founder of MobileMonday Nazareth, hub manager at Slush GIA, co-founder of “Games for Peace” and founder of Markitect. In addition, Hans is an advisor/mentor at various startup accelerators and a public speaker and lecturer