The Tsofen Lessons in Hi-Tech program was created with a goal to ensure exposure for Arab high school students, their educators, parents and community to hi-tech initiatives. Studies show that a significant number of Arab High School students are enrolled in STEM courses but the number of those students who continue to study these topics is relatively low. The Lessons in Hi-Tech project helps identify key challenges to accomplish growth and sustainability for high school students studying STEM and prepares them to continue these studies in higher education. Lessons in hi-tech creates enriching partnerships and exposure with the hi-tech industry. The program aims to increase STEM studies at the university level by showing high school students – and their parents – that a career in hi-tech is a valid career option.

  • johaina.mustafa@tsofen.org

The program was excellent and professional. The planning and execution was perfect, the last meeting was respectable and professional. We are very interested in being part of the program next year.

Adham, Vice Principal, Yafia High School

We were very pleased with the meeting with the engineer. The interaction gave us a good sense of the field and whether to continue in this field in the future.

Dunia, 11th Grade Student, Kaukab Abu El-Hija High School

I work with the students on professional guidance.  I can say that this program is very, very effective. The orientation in the program was excellent – be it the lectures, meeting with hi-tech workers or the impressive technology workshop.  The final event contributed greatly to the enthusiasm of students and parents who participated. We recommend expanding the program.

Nagham, Advisor, Kaukab Abu El-Hija High School