Ms. Nehab is a technology entrepreneur and has held key positions in leading technology companies (EFI, Verisity, Mercury/Conduct). She brings broad experience in the initiation, the creation and management of technological organizations, and in organizational and technological consulting. Ms. Nehab earned a BA in Mathematics & Philosophy of Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and MSc in Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot.


Co-CEO, Community Relations and Finance. Mr. Saadi is an independent CPA for companies and NGOs. Mr. Saadi was a founder of the Jewish-Arab Technological Village in the Galilee, an NGO that promoted equal employment opportunities for Israeli Arabs. He is active in several social and cultural NGOs promoting coexistence, including “Shchenim” (Neighbors). Mr. Saadi earned his MA and diploma as Certified Public Accountant from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Mr. Coten founded, built and managed the branch of Amdocs in Sderot, implementing a Tsofen-like program for the Negev community. Mr. Cotten has specialized in the set-up of development centers and in the Human Resources arena in massive recruitment and large scale training and retraining of university graduates to programming and testing. He brings a wealth of experience working in the periphery and with government and municipal authorities.