The Technology Industry as a Means for Workforce Integration

An Innovative Model for Inclusion Through Hi-Tech

By linking the IT Sector’s rising demand for human capital, with the economic development of underserved communities, Tsofen serves as a powerful catalyst for social integration.

From a Successful Pilot to a Thriving Ecosystem:

  • More than 6,200 Israeli Arab employees in the IT industry today, compared to only 350 in 2008 (a growth of more than 1,600%).

  • 1,200 new IT positions in Nazareth, Tsofen’s first community, compared to fewer than 30 in 2008.

  • 80% of Tsofen’s Rebootcamps participants were placed in the IT industry.

  • Among Tsofen’s collaborating partners are Google, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Facebook, Broadcom, Amdocs and many others.

  • The development of the model has been supported by the EU and by USAID.

Connecting the Tech Industry with the Community

Tsofen’s model fosters full integration of Arab citizens into Israeli hi-tech industry, as a means of encouraging sustainable economic development in a more equitable society. Over the past 11 years Tsofen has developed thriving hi-tech hubs in Nazareth and the Triangle region, regarded as cross-sector coalitions between the Arab community, private sector leaders and government stakeholders.
These cross-sector collaborations are intended to:

  1. Create geographically and culturally accessible IT centers for the communities.
  2. Establish admission pathways to the IT industry, by creating jobs and teaching the communities the industry culture.


The model was successfully implemented and adjusted to various communities in Israel. We are now introducing its social and economic potential to communities and IT industries across Europe. Tsofen’s model provides a comprehensive solution for social integration, which becomes a necessity as many OECD countries experience lower workforce participation of non-native-born citizens and second-generation immigrants, particularly in majority-dominated professions.

Tsofen’s Model at a Glance, the Four Pillars of Operations

  1. Industry Engagement – introducing private sector leaders to the opportunities embedded in skilled underrepresented groups, once barriers are removed. Tsofen supports its industry partners at a) facilitating effective community outreach b) operating in the community’s vicinity.
  2. Community Engagement – an advocate for the potential impact of IT career paths for young people from excluded communities, Tsofen is dedicated to educating community leaders, e.g. parents, teachers, business and social leaders. Our experience demonstrates a lack of understanding of the Hi-Tech sector, which constitutes further barriers for employment in this sector. In this regard, changing public awareness has had a major impact on education and career-path decisions among young people in targeted communities.
  1. ‘Rebootcamps,’ Unique Training Programs for Graduates – Tsofen has developed a 4 month multi-dimensional training programs for academic STEM graduates from the targeted communities. The tailor-made training programs are intended to provide these graduates with the skills and competencies to pursue jobs in the IT sector. The training is based on the approach that beyond technical knowledge (code), IT is a culture to be learned and adapted to. Participants are trained and exposed to common practices and culture of the tech industry, through hands-on simulations. Training content is developed in collaboration with our industry partners to ensure quality and relevance to market demands.
  1. Job Placement – Tsofen connects industry partners with the ‘fresh’ graduates of our Rebootcamps. Providing ongoing coaching, mentorship and support to new employees.

About Tsofen

Tsofen is a non-profit Jewish-Arab organization established in 2008 in Nazareth, Israel. The organization supports integration in the IT sector as a catalyst for economic change for the Arab communities of Israel. Tsofen lobbies to bring more technology companies to Israel’s northern region, organizes career fairs, training sessions, consults and mentors Arab job seekers about career development. Tsofen is dedicated to building a shared society between Israel’s Jewish Arab citizens through technology and innovation.

International Outreach

Tsofen engages with organizations around the world to share practices and know-hows in order to promote mutual learning and scale Tsofen’s model globally.

For more information contact Ophir Peleg, Head of International Outreach:

  • ophir.peleg@tsofen.org