A joint, Arab & Jewish organization that promotes hi-tech in Arab Society

as a lever for economic development, an equitable economy, social mobility and the strengthening of shared society in Israel. Our mission is to integrate Arabs into Israel’s hi-tech sector and to bring hi-tech centers to Arab cities. Help us in creating economic growth, a sustainable industry and a stronger society.

SUPPORT Shared Society & Fair Representation of Arabs in Israel’s booming hi-tech industry:

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לקבלה בעברית לפי סעיף 46 לפקודת מס הכנסה

Tsofen brings together

stakeholders from the Israeli government, Arab municipalities and the industry to nurture the human talent in Arab society, promote integration of Arab engineers into hi-tech jobs, and foster the development of hi-tech centers in Arab towns as economic engines for future growth.

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Our Activities and Impact span three complementary areas:

Starting Early: Lessons in Hi-Tech

Exposing Arab high school students and their families to the hi-tech industry allowing them to make better informed higher education and career decisions.

Pipeline for Success: Overcoming the Gap

With mentoring, applied technology, experiential and ‘soft-skills’ training, Arab engineers are prepared to take the job market by storm. It’s effective but not cheap.

Creating Local Ecosystems

Nurturing technological human capital of young adults in cities and villages, in partnership with local municipality in order to promote quality employment in hi-tech in the community.

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Changing National Priorities

Our strategic goal for the coming years is to expand our work nationally and implement our 5- year policy plan in order to effect a sweeping institutional change. By 2025 Arab engineers will constitute 10% of the industry (as opposed to less than 5% today). We need your support!

Sami Saadi & Revital Duek, Co-CEOs sami.saadi@tsofen.org • revital.duek@tsofen.org