Tsofen’s hi-tech training courses provide participants with a combination of technical and soft skills that dramatically increase their chances of securing hi-tech employment. Over 80% of participants find hi-tech employment within six months of course completion. Course subjects are determined according to market demand and include a hands-on practical project. Each course is “adopted” by a leading hi-tech firm, which sends programmers and engineers to help students overcome challenges they face in their practical projects. Previous adopting firms include IBM, Intel, Cisco, and Wix, among others.

Our students are also taught soft skills—the aptitudes beyond skilled coding—that they need to succeed in Israeli hi-tech. Tsofen’s staff and consultants help students develop assertiveness, leadership, and help them understand the cultural norms of Israeli hi-tech workplaces. The added value of our trainings is the hands-on approach, which is crucial to overcoming Arab candidates’ disadvantage in the realm of networking, professional experience (many Jewish Israelis attain such experience in high-school, youth movements and the army), and cultural barriers. Our courses are of special importance to those graduates who have been working in unskilled jobs.

During the intensive three months of the course, which include homework, frequent exams and interview simulations, candidates learn to cope with the intensive, demanding and ever-scrutinizing work environment of the industry.  Upon graduation, Tsofen works closely with partner companies to place course participants in suitable hi-tech positions.


…after a long period of intensive search, I managed to integrate into the hi-tech industry as an automated testing engineer…

…I would like to thank the course coordinators, who thought of every little detail and the rest of the wonderful staff members at Tsofen.  A big thank you to Sami Sa’adi and Paz Hirshmann, for leading this wonderful organization and to the various donors who make such training courses possible.

Issam Shami, QA Course, 2016, Galil Software