Practical tools for doing tech business in Arab cities in the “Start Up Nation”

Tsofen aspires to promote the development of the hi-tech industry in Nazareth, the Triangle region and the Arab community. We assist hi-tech companies in recruiting and training Arab engineers, along with establishing hi-tech hubs.
Tsofen’s unique model facilitates the integration of academic graduates from the Arab community into Israel’s advanced hi-tech industry: software, hardware, information systems and other technology-based fields.

What We Can Do for You

The establishment of technological activity in the Arab society has many advantages and government benefits that enable significant economic savings. These incentives wage subsidies, municipal real estate tax benefits, subsidized courses and more.
These government benefits totaled, result in economic savings amounting to ~40% compared to operating costs in the center of Israel. The savings from wage subsidies alone amount to ~25%.


The advantages of employing workers from the Arab community in the Galilee and Triangle region (located in the center of Israel):

  • Economic benefits (~40% savings in costs) and state grants
  • Unique access to a hidden, new academic talent pool
    > Relatively high retention rate, strong loyalty to the workplace and dedication
    > Highly motivated and ambitious employees
  • Professional training and pre-employment courses by Tsofen


  • Creating the best business case feasibility

  • Assistance in establishing a company branch in the Galilee or Triangle

  • Human capital mapping according to customer needs and requirements

  • Connections with all stakeholders from real estate developers to municipal benefits and more

  • Consulting and assisting to implement government benefits

  • Contact with local suppliers for the provision of logistics services

  • Recruiting experienced employees and graduates

  • Exposure events to the relevant professional community to recruit new employees

  • Tailor-made courses based on years of proven experience in hands-on training


(on shore, outsourced projects and opening a branch in Nazareth)

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