The lack of integration of Arabs in Israel’s hi-tech sector is a major market failure.  Israeli industry needs more engineers; there are thousands of qualified Arab graduates that are underemployed; Israel’s economy suffers from the non-participation of Arabs and their resulting poverty.

Did you know that Arabs account for 18% of Israel’s citizens but only contribute 8% of its GDP?

  • Israel’s total population has a Gross Monthly Household Income of 13,246 NIS vs 7,590 NIS for Arabs
  • The poverty rate for the general population is 19.9%; the Arab Population’s poverty rate is 53.

Did you know that Arab female workforce participation is 22%, lower than the equivalent rate in most Arab countries and other developing nations?

  • The general population workforce participation rate for women in Israel is 52%, but just 22% for Arab women
  • 9 thousand out of 10 thousand Arab females with academic degrees are classified as “lost hope to find a job”. Experts believe that if Arab women were offered a salaried job they would mostly take it and that their workforce participation rates would near that of Jews.

Did you know that only 20% of Arabs with an exact sciences degree work “in their profession”?

  • 44% of Arabs with an exact sciences degree work as teachers
  • Only 51% of Arabs who’ve studied Law, Economics, Accounting and Business Administration work in relevant professions.
  • Of the 85,000 high tech jobs in Israel, 1,200 are taken by Arabs
  • In 2007 there were 350 Arabs in High Tech.