Walabot Customer Support

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Walabot Customer Support

We are a start-up that hires people who enjoy the freedom to create new things and love to learn new technologies and new concepts.
We are currently looking for someone with to work part-time from home as our Walabot Customer Support.(www.walabot.com )
What do we do? Imagine being able to look at an object and see what’s going on inside of it – that’s what we are after.
Unlike traditional 3D imaging systems that map the contour of objects and entities, Vayyar’s revolutionary 3D imaging technology, penetrates through materials. Leveraging this technology, Vayyar started with the vision to develop a new modality for breast cancer detection and has since widened its application scope to include a consumer product for makers and DIYers
We won CES 2017 Innovation award as well as other awards and you can check out what we can do on various youtube clips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ht2zQ_1dgo

We are looking for people who have:
· Native English a must

· Customer Support experience

· Experience with databases

· CRM experience an advantage

העלה קורות החיים / קורות החיים שלך או כל קובץ רלוונטי אחר. מקס. גודל קובץ: 2 MB.


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